Group Members

Prof. BW Keller

Picture of Ben Keller
Ben Keller is the Principle Investigator of the MGS group. He joined the Department of Physics and Materials Science at the University of Memphis as an Assistant Professor in 2022. Prior to joining the UofM, Ben worked as a postdoctoral researcher and Alexander von Humboldt fellow at the Universität Heidelberg. He obtained his PhD in Physics at McMaster University in 2017, and his BSc in Physics and Computer Science from the University of Calgary in 2011.

Mst. Shamima Khanom

Picture of Mst. Shamima Khanom
Mst. Shamima Khanom have joined the PhD program at the department of Physics and Material Science in the Memphis University, USA, in the Spring 2022. She completed her B. Sc. (Hons.) and M. S. (Thesis) in Physics from Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She successfully completed her M. S. thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Hossain and her M.Sc. thesis deals in the simulation of the efficiency of a four layered multijunction solar cell.

Now she is working on Astrophysics with in the MGS group. Her research focus is on the co-evolution of galaxies and their supermassive black holes.

Zachary Wyatt

Picture of Zachary Wyatt
Zachary Wyatt is a PhD student at the University of Memphis. He received his BSc in Physics from Memphis and continues to compete on the Track and Field and Cross Country Teams at the NCAA Division 1 level. Originally from Vancouver, Zachary represented Canada at the 2019 U20 Pan American Track and Field Championships in Costa Rica. A passion for running allowed for an opportunity to study and compete in the United States, and Zachary's enthusiasm for physics continues to fuel his academic endeavors. Along with a curiosity for astrophysics, he is particularly interested in computer simulations and is eager to work with the MGS group.

Javier Saavedra Moreno

Picture of Javier Saavedra Moreno
Javier Saavedra recieved his B. Sc in Physics with a minor in Astronomy from the Universidad Católica del Norte in Chile in 2018. After a long time of being a teaching assistant for his physics department. He was finally able to start his graduate studies at the University of Memphis the fall 2022 semester. His research interests are applications of fractional calculus in physics but he's now focused on working with the MGS group.

Much like his hair would suggest he wants to be Brian May will not shut up about music and/or guitars if given the chance.

Joseph Zeron

Picture of Joseph Zeron
Joseph Zeron is an undergraduate student at the University of Memphis. His concentration is Astronomy. Originally from Honduras, he came to the U.S. where he found a passion for Black Holes and whatever that can explode, and there are a lot of things that explode in space.

Ayush Bhawal

Ayush is a new member of the MGS group.

Reginald Wayne Holt

Picture of Reginald
Wayne Holt
Reginald Wayne Holt from Memphis, TN attending the University of Memphis as an undergraduate majoring in Physics with a minor in Computer Science. His interests include Heliophysics, specifically space radiation and space weather. His goal is to contribute to society by developing myself and working with people in the space industry.

Scott Gregory Morris

Scott is a new member of the MGS group.

Memphis Galaxy Simulation Group

Understanding galaxy formation through theory and simulation.

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